Chiropractic Treatment Plan Tailored to you

Once we have established the cause of your complaint, we will explain your diagnosis to you; you may be referred for x-rays.  Following this, you will receive a chiropractic treatment plan, tailored to your specific needs.

There are 3 stages of care becuase your wellbeing is important to us:

Initial intensive care to deal with the symptoms: Initially, the prescried treatments are more frequent and tailored to the severity of your complaint.  It is in this stage that we will concentrate on reducing your symptoms, inflammation and stressors in the affected area.

Corrective Care to deal with the cause: To reduce stress in the area of inflamaton and optimise function.  Promote improved function and healing, the number of prescribed visits may be reduced.

Supportive/Preventative care: To maintain normal function, strengthen soft tissue and optimise spinal and joint stabilisation. 

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