Elbow Pain

The elbow joint has a complex combination of bones, muscles and ligaments in order for it to perform its range of movement.  Parts of this joint can become irritated or inflamed often by overexertion or overuse and sometimes due to infection and degenerative diseases.

Tennis or golfer’s elbow is a form of tendonitis which is most commonly caused by the overuse of the joint due to repetitive strain.  Although called tennis elbow, it is not only sporting endeavours which may be the cause, but also everyday activities that require repetitive use of the forearm and wrist. Certain activities such as plumbing, painting, computer use and the playing of some musical instruments may also be the cause of tennis/golfer’s elbow.  It is a soreness that is felt on the inside or  outside of the elbow. If left untreated the pain may spread down the forearm to the wrist making simple tasks such as turning a key, shaking hands or brushing teeth painful and difficult.

If you are suffering with elbow pain, book an appointment and one our chiropractors will be able to examine you and make recommendations as to how to resolve the issue.

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